Monday, February 7, 2011

New Blonde Hair

Hey Darlings

I've been itching for a change for quite some time but really didn't have the time, or the funds to put that change into action but finally things have changed and its about darn time I got to treat myself!


You all may have seen the tweets and the inspiration photos on FB but incase you haven't here are a few pictures I was looking to for reference for color:

Just keep in mind I went from really dark so my hair is a bit on the warmer brassy side but thank goodness for purple shampoo! Some of the brassiness has gone down. So here is a before picture:

Which is a dark cool medium brown I'd say but don't quote me. I haven't colored it since last summer and was just plain bored with it.

Now get ready for it!!!!

What I did:

To acheive this I went to a salon of course! I didn't need any bad bleach accidents to happen again! My stylist just did a heavy full head of highlights with a 30 volume bleach and not sure exactly what toner she used but it did a good job of reducing how brassy it was. She left some brown in it which I don't really care for but will be going a bit lighter not too much lighter with some more lighter highlights in the next few weeks, but so far I am very happy about the results.

Here's what I hope to achieve:

I know this might be unrealistic but I have always been in love with this beachy shade. We shall see. I am naturally a very very light brown close to dark ashy blonde. I think its an awful natural hair color but it gave me the option to go light or dark.

Now in case your curious, I did get new extensions and will be talking about those real soon! I ordered some from Luxy Extensions :) Love them so far!

Love Ya!



  1. you look gorgeous, honey! makes your face glow and eyes pop :)


  2. Amazing. I know I am already blonde but I would love your colour.
    I just posted a makeup competition on my blog. I would love it if you took part.

  3. The colour turned out way better than I could ever imagine :) You look very pretty!

  4. Love the hair, girl! I, too, was cursed with a mousy blondish-brown hair shade, exactly the same as what you described. I was platinum blonde for the majority of the past decade, but after years of breakage and gummy strands, I finally decided to go back to being as close to natural as possible. I don't hate it quite as much as I used to, but I am sure I'll be itching for platinum locks again sooner than I'd like to think. Have fun and stay beautiful! :]

  5. I love it! What foundation and lipstick are you wearing in the new pic?

  6. Aaaaaahhh it's gorgeous Danielle! :D Love, love, love it! Such a good way to treat yourself :) I'm really tempted to take my hair back to blonde again one day, when I can afford it

  7. Oh wow! You look stunning! I did not expect it to look this good.. Coz I just loooved your dark hair with your light eyes.. But this doesn't look bad.. It's a nice change but I still think darker hair suits you best