Sunday, September 22, 2013 Review

Hey Darlings!
Hope you all are well! I recently caught a cold and feel like a mess, luckily I filmed this the day before haha. I have yet to find that darn battery for my regular filming camera so once I do find that one or buy a new on I will film some makeup tutorials as promised.
Now on with why I am writing this post!
Recently I was gifted a box from and was super excited to share my thoughts as this is the first time I have tried any beauty subscription service. Like I said in the video, normally I would not be interested in any type of subscription service (I take that back maybe one of the shoe ones would be awesome!) based on the fact that I like to shop for what I need with the odd beauty hype induced frenzy I find myself stressing about :P. I figured what the heck lets try this out and to be honest it was quite fun to see a surprise beauty box in my mailbox. 
Now to sign up for this box of full sized beauty products you just head over to fill out a questionnaire so they can personalize your box, just so your not sent something you'd absolutely hate, then after choose if you would like to sign up monthly or just try it out once.
Check out the video!
Products Mentioned:
Echo Vie All Natural Lip Balm (Sample)
Besame Cosmetics Sweetheart Cherry Lip Balm
Japonesque Travel Smudger Brush
FACE Stockholm Nail Polish #128
Michael Marcus Brow Pencil Blonde
Manna Kadar Glossware Watermelon
Now I forgot to mention in my video that doesn't just have beauty boxes they have Accessories, Intimates, and right now a limited edition Halloween box! I would like to try out each of them eventually just for fun.
Now after getting to try the box am I going to run and sign up monthly? Doubtful, I did enjoy the box however I would rather spend $40 on something I do want or need, rather than a surprise box. I do think its a fun idea if you have the extra cash or to be sent as a gift. Out of the 5 products I was sent I'll use 2 for sure maybe 3 and the rest give away or stash away for later use. I think if your new to the world of beauty or just want to discover new products than by all means try this out! You might just find a holy grail product!
Anyways beauties! I just wanted to share my experience and thoughts. Let me know if you have tried one of their boxes or what your thoughts are on all these new subscription services.
Take Care!
Love Ya :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 Haul & Coupon Codes (Meet Dexter)

Hey Darlings!
I had the opportunity recently to try out some new sunglasses from I have to say I have never ordered sunglasses online before and it was a bit tricky. I would really recommend having a fabric tape measure to help with sizing. I unfortunately thought I could wing it and ended up with a pair that fit poorly due to my high protruding cheek bones. Luckily I have a sister with a narrower face and these will look fabulous on her! No waste! :)
The sunglasses themselves were very good quality, but again that will also be tested more so with time but to start they have a nice weight and do not feel like cheap sunglasses that I would normally buy. If your looking for inexpensive sunglasses I would definitely give a try especially with the sale they have going on where you get your first pair free!
A better look at the two pairs that I picked out:
Here's a quick video to see me try them on :)
Plus you get to meet my new pal Dexter!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

July Favorites

Hey Darlings!

I hope all is well! I have finally posted another video! If you haven't seen it yet check it out.

Products mentioned:

MAC Mineralized Skin Finish (MSF)- Stereo Rose
(For Swatches of MAC MSF Stereo Rose Check out Temptalia's site she provides amazing swatches!)
CoverGirl 3in1 Foundation- 945 Warm Beige
Modern Basic Crème Brilliance Lipgloss- E316 Victorian Butterfly
Annabelle Lip Liner- Demure
Revlon Lash Potion Mascara- Blackest Black
Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen- Blackest Black
Aldo Sun Glass Cases Pug and Kitty- Check out Aldo Accessories :)
American Eagle Vest- Check it out here!
American Eagle Aviators in Gold- Check them out here!
American Eagle Aviators in Silver- Check them out here!
Take Care!