Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sedona Lace-28 Neutral Palette Review & Swatches

Hey Darlings!

I have had the opportunity to test out a palette from Sedona Lace and wanted to give you all a more detailed review this time around. I normally go straight into a video but this time I wanted to go ahead and do swatches, and a review before going ahead with a tutorial. I do however try and post FOTD photos on my Instagram account (InsideOutBlack) if you are interested I will start posting info on what it is I'm wearing so you can get an idea of what products I'm using. 

I was given the opportunity to choose a palette of my choice and thought since I haven't heard too much about the 28 Neutral Palette and given our love for neutrals and "go to/ everyday palettes" I thought this one would be something you all might be interested in. Plus I'm sure we have seen the ever so famous 120 palettes and heard tons of reviews so I didn't want to go that route.

Here's a look at the Sedona Lace 28 Neutral Palette as you would see it when you first open it

You can also go to Sedona Lace and check out further photos that are professionally taken. I have to admit when I first seen this palette I wasn't expecting the colors to be so "Pink". Don't get me wrong there is a few shades such as some of the highlight shades that have more of a yellow tone to them but for the most part I just see more pinky shades. Some run more peach and of course there is one purple and one black.

 For me this palette isn't a staple in my collection. It is nice to have but definitely not a "go to" palette. The shadows are a bit on the messy side, and do have some fall out when applying even in a patting motion, but as long as you tap off any additional shadow and use a base that has some tackiness that can be decreased. I would recommend applying your foundation last just to prevent any muddiness under the eye area. There are plenty of tips and tricks out there though that you can do to prevent this from happening or to make clean up easier. 

I do find with some of the shades almost have a bit of a chalky texture and easily blend away to the point where you need to use more dense crease brushes to make sure you don't lose any of the color. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. If you are heavy handed it makes it easier to just dust/ blend the color away if you happen to apply too much, for some this can be annoying if you want a more concentrated deeper color without all the effort. Like I said I just find all you have to do is use less fluffy brushes and again that not the case with all the colors just some. 

Now getting back to why I don't consider this a "go to" palette for myself. I feel in this palette I don't get enough variation and from experience every look I do with this palette seem to look very similar, even when I change it up. I feel I need more variation and would of liked to have seen maybe a few taupe shades, maybe a grey, and a few more shades with a bit of a sheen/ sparkle, most of them are satin, matte and very few that are shimmery. That's just personal opinion. I think for some they would love the fact that there isn't very many shimmery shades, especially for older women who tend to steer clear of those. I do like however how this palette contains great highlight shades, a great black, and of course a bunch of medium brown shades great for blending. 

I think this palette would be best suited for those who have a general look they go for daily and don't steer far from there every day look. Also younger girls who are just getting into makeup would benefit from a palette like this because I find its not too much and pink, peachy shades and plums can look very natural and not over done and suite every eye color. Of course as I stated before if you are older and want a palette that isn't full of shimmer then I would recommend this. 

Overall I think for $17.95 I think its a good deal, the shadows are about the size of a loonie and the shipping was fast and none of the shadows were broken upon delivery which is a big thing for me. I've had this happen in the past with other companies that sell similar products. The size of the palette is quite large and I don't think would be good for travel as the palette itself isn't as sturdy as a MAC palette, however with that being said I've traveled with my MAC palettes and they aren't the best for regular travel either. 

Personally I am happy I have this palette in my collection as there is some pretty shades that I do reach for however I would not re-purchase if I ran out. I think if you are going to purchase a palette I would go for either the 120 or the 168 palettes available on Sedona Lace as they have more variation and could see getting more use out of those.

Here are some swatches I took from this palette :) 

Let me know if you have this palette and your thoughts! 

Love Ya!

* Disclaimer: I was sent this product for review and as always these are my honest opinions. I was not paid to review this product or told to say positive things. Any company that would only ask me to only give a positive review would not be a company I would want to work with.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Missing In Action

Hey Darlings!


Hope you are all well! I realize some of you are curious as to where I have been these days, and I thought you all deserved an update. I had plenty of ideas, videos and reviews planned for January and February but due to a few events that have taken place that have caused me some grief and a need of a break from my blog and my YouTube. I will resume asap as I love and miss you all already!

As soon as I can get settled and find an area to film I will post a video. I was thinking of starting to do more Celebrity inspired videos and of course the odd review here and there. I find that reviews are tricky for me, and that some people forget that everyone's opinions are different and so is our skin type and so on so not everyone will feel the same way about a product. Lastly I have decided to refrain from doing sponsored or accept products for review as I wanted my channel to be more Tutorials and Favorites than anything else. Of course if there is a product that you would like for me to review I will do my best :). 

Also feel free to follow me on Twitter or my Facebook page if you want to chat, ask questions, make requests or just catch up, I am always on those pages! Oh and feel free to post your links, photos your inspired from or links to products you think are interesting or exciting :)!

Thank you all for being so great and subscribing to my channel and following my blog! I never imagined that 100 let alone 10,000 people would be interested in little ol' me. Hope 2012 is a great year for all of us.

Take Care