Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Handbag Heaven Giveaway!

Hey Darlings

Hope you are all enjoying your summer!


1. Must be a subscriber
2. Must be a US or Canadian resident
3. One comment/ entry per user

How to enter!

1. choose a bag you would like to win.
2. Copy and paste the bags name in the comments section.

Winner will be selected at random and announced in a video, plus contacted by me via YouTube on Friday July 30th 11:59 my time. (Mountain time I believe).

Want to get 15% off! Enter Summer Code: Summer11


Sami Quilted Handbag

Mary Ruffle Satchel

Hilda Stud Messenger

Nina Convertible Hobo

My bag :)



Monday, July 18, 2011

Haul & Handbag Heaven Treat

Hey Darlings!

Hope you are all enjoying summer! I meant to upload this sooner but due to uploading issues I wasn't able to. Thank goodness I found an alternative! 

I have been doing some shopping and thought I'd share my goodies, also I was contacted by a super amazing website called Handbag Heaven to host a giveaway which I will be posting very soon and wanted to unveil the bag I was given. I am a huge fan of this site and have entered a few giveaways myself. So don't forget to check out the site if you haven't already also you can see the price and style of the bag I got on the site! :)

Handbag Heaven

Now on to the goodies! 

Would love to hear some recommendations on your favorite Victoria Secret cosmetics now that I can get my hands on them!

Love Ya!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Late June Favorites

Hey Darlings!

It has been way too long! The laptop I was using to upload would no longer allow me to upload videos, it would constantly say "Upload Failed" and give me no explanation. Luckily our room mate has a desktop that I can borrow! Yay! I have still been recording videos and will upload those right away so keep an eye out :)

I know this is a bit late but I did record my favorites for the month of June and kind of went back and forth deciding whether or not to still upload it considering it is a bit late, but I figure better late then never! Hope you all enjoy! 

Don't forget to tell me what products you are currently loving! Feeling in a bit of a rut make-up wise and would love some recommendations.

Love Ya!