Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nailene Couture Nails

Hey Darlings!

Hope you all are well! I wanted to tell you guys about these sooner but was almost terrified to try them out that I honestly kept putting it off. Good thing for boring evenings and feeling a bit adventurous haha.

First off I just wanted to tell you all I am no nail expert! I like having cute nails but let me tell you I am very low maintenance when it comes to my nails. I cut them, file them, and sometimes I`ll paint them and then go on with my life. Then there`s those days where I feel like pampering myself and go an extra mile and experiment and luckily I recently had one of those nights.

First off lets see what we`re working with:

What it comes with:

Product List

Nailene Couture Platinum-71064
  • 24 Nails- Various sizes, medium length, square shape
  • Glue
  • File
  • Little stick, I'm not sure of the correct name (Orange Stick?) but its used to push back the cuticle and what not. I used it to help remove any glue that got on the sides of my fingers.
Alrighty, so let me tell you, I don't do my nails that often so don't be shocked at how terrible they look on their own. Before taking this picture I removed all polish with nail polish remover, trimmed, filed, and like the directions stated buffed my nails with the nail file provided to ensure the nails and glue would adhere together properly. I never ever did this step before applying nails before so this was new to me. Maybe that's what I've been doing wrong before.


Reminder the package asked me to buff the nail so its makes them look worse than they usually look!


I can't say it enough! I love these! I wish they weren't just temporary!

Want to know how?
  1. Remove all polish and excess oils on your nails with nail polish remover.
  2. Trim and file nails, shorter seems to work best I think but as long as they are no longer than the press on nails then that should be fine.
  3. Push back cuticles, and buff nails.
  4. Fit each nail ensuring each nail fits snug.
  5. Apply glue to your nails then onto the fake nail ensuring glue is spread evenly.
  6. Press on nail and hold for 10-15 seconds making sure to press hard, this will prevent air pockets.
  7. Make sure to remove any glue that has gotten on to the skin especially touching the skin around the nails before it dries.
Now all that sounds like common sense but seriously that's all there is to it!

Initial Thoughts & Opinions

Firstly, I was dead scared of applying these nails, I have never been good at anything to do with nails and to me this was a breeze! In total it only took me about 20 min for the whole process and I have to say I didn't do such a bad job!

So far I have been putting these nails to the test,  washed dishes 1-2 times a day, styled my hair, and when I showered they surprisingly didn't catch or lift when washing my hair.  Also these nails are a bit thicker on the ends so they don't break or chip easily with force and the length isn't to long, it actually feels like a good length for my hands. Of course on the first day I wore them I was a bit on the awkward side but eventually I got used to having them on.

They state that they are long wearing, but don't state how long. The nice thing about these nails is there was no need to file them at all to make them fit & the set came with many different sizes to fit individual nails perfectly. To ensure a perfect fit make sure they fit snug, by that I mean not touching your skin by your nails at all. Trust me its not as hard as it sounds. I had absolutely no problem finding the perfect fit for each nail especially with all the different sizes.

Lastly I have to say I really enjoyed the feeling of having nice nails, especially typing haha. The clicking probably would annoy some but I thought it was a reminder of how cute my nails were. I can actually say I feel proud of my nails and not trying to hide them. Oh and before I forget a huge reason why I was terrified of temporary nails such as these was the thought of a nail just popping off. That could be embarrassing!  Even if a nail did pop off atleast this set comes with extras so I could easily just put on another.

Why Nails??

I would definietly recommend these to anyone who maybe wants fancy nails without paying salon prices for maybe a special event, party, or just to have the look of acrylic or gel nails without the damage or up keep. Cost of these nails vary from place to place but definitely not very expensive anywhere from $5 to $10 so its not a huge splurge.

Final Thoughts 

Alright I'm sure you want to know my thoughts! I wore these nails for 8 days before one fell off, which was my index fingernail, not sure if that means anything to anyone but thought I'd let ya know and here is a final photo of what my nails looked like on day 8 this is taken with my iPhone but as you can see they are slightly lifting, but still feel secure. The only reason I'm going to remove them is because they are lifting they catch on my hair and that's a pain but if you didn't have the lifting I did you could just put another nail back on and you'd be alright since the box set does come with quite a few extras. I have to say I really enjoyed wearing these and didn't feel self consious about them popping off either. All in all I would re-purchase. I think a weeks wear is pretty good, and I think I could of gone a bit longer with that being said it really depends how rough you are.

Love how convienent these are, also you can change up your styles way more often. And finally your nails aren't thin or brittle or destroyed once removed which is a huge to me. I've had acrylic nails before and they ruined my nails afterwards so I can definietly say with these your nails are fine after. 

DAY 8 

I had a lot of fun giving these nails a try and would for sure repurchase in the future! I do have another set to try which are a more natural look so if these were a bit too dramatic there are other styles to suit your look.

Let me know if you have any tips or tricks to applying false nails!

Love Ya


  1. Wow they lasted much longer than I would have thought. So affordable for those times when you just want something special on your nails! I have worn the french manicure version of these and felt a bit like my nails were suffocating, but that eventually went away..mostly, what we go thru for style ;)

  2. A tip to make them last even longer - use a pro strength glue from a beauty supply store, it works great!

  3. Thanks Jessie for the tip :)

    I know I was shocked too I thought a few days but these really held up :)