Thursday, December 16, 2010

Quick Gift Idea-Hello Kitty Flat Iron & Review

I'm super excited to share this Hello Kitty Flat Iron with you guys! I know so many people who would appreciate how cute this is! Now first off yes this was sent to me for consideration but don't worry as always I will tell you guys my honest thoughts and opinions!

First off check out the video to see just how cute this flat iron is! I also go over a few of its feature and brief review but as always I could of went on and on lol so I thought I'd save it for this blog post.

I'm sure if you like me and your a last minute shopper online might be cutting it close but if your really interested you get this and the matching Hair Dryer and Curling Iron online @ Target for $39.99 each.

Here's some direct links :)

Hello Kitty Flat Iron

Hello Kitty Hair Dryer

Hello Kitty Curling Iron

My Thoughts

I can't say too much about the other styling tools since I have not tried them however I have tested out the straightner for about a week now and feel I can tell you how I feel about it without being biased.

Personally I think for $39.99 this straightner is a good deal it's super adorable and what girl doesn't think pink and Hello Kitty are awesome. I have to say though that this straightner isn't for every hair type. Although the plates are quite sturdy and the heat setting on high can get quite hot I don't think this straightner would make thick, coarse, or curly hair pin straight. I have naturally wavy hair, its a bit on the fine side and is pretty easy to style and I think it did a great job, however the ends weren't perfectly straight but good enough for me. I think if you want slick straight hair I would invest in a CHI or GHD. I do love the features to this flat iron which include swivel cord, adjustable heat settings, spring plates, and ridges for grip, most lower priced irons do not have extras like that! I think for either your first straightner or just to have in your collection or for travel this is a great buy! Plus a really cute gift idea! I honestly have put the Blow dryer on my Christmas list! I do need a new hair dryer and would love for it to match! Oh and I forgot to mention the heating time isn't too bad either, I would say about 30 seconds to heat up. Not too shabby at all.

If you do get any of the Hello Kitty styling tools I'd love to hear your thoughts and reviews :)

P.S. I am not being compensated or anything to tell you guys about this Flat Iron or being bribed in any way. As alsways these are my honest opinions and thoughts :)


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