Thursday, November 25, 2010

What would you do?

Hey all my beautiful internet friends :P

I have a bit of an issue I need to sort through and thought maybe you all could give me some insight or some feedback.

First off I entered to win a scholarship for New Image College of Fine Arts and was one of the winners! I was super stoked and still am! The lady at the school who is helping me with everything has been super amazing and my application was accepted. Even better! Now I have to deal with student loan stuff but all in all it sounds like its a go as long as my student loan goes through.

Now your probably thinking seriously Danielle...what is your deal?? Whats the issue??

Well first off it starts in January! That is sooo soon! Second its for 50 weeks! I'm going to be taking: Fashion and Film Make-up Design Diploma Program. And the class is from 1:45pm-6pm. & to top it off its in Vancouver :S

1. How in the world am I going to find a place to live in Vancouver for January and all the fun stuff that goes with moving.
2. I'm going to be away from Derek & Kadence for a whole year :( Considering its Mon-Fri for 50 weeks when will I get time off to visit? Weekends I suppose but that would be costly.
3. How can I get a job with those hours :/ Any suggestions? lol

I'm soo excited to be able to finally go to school since I've been talking about it and dreaming about it for almost forever but I'm distracted by all the other stuff.

I've never had a long distance relationship before and have only heard horror stories, and people telling me it doesn't work. But considering our circumstances are a bit different, there is a child involved and we have never been apart ever I would think that maybe things will be ok. 

If it was up to him I wouldn't go lol but he says he would never hold me back. I'm just worried because trust me a lot can happen in a year! I can tell you that one for sure!

Anyone else have to leave everything behind for school? If so how did it go? I know most people leave for school and its no biggie but this is like ridiculously hard for me. I just needed to vent and thought maybe some where someone is reading this and might no where I'm coming from. 

I'm going to go through with it, I would be stupid not to... but I just can't seriously help but feel a bit selfish for doing so. >.< I know I know it's for the best and so much good can come from this but wow can you say stressful! 

Anywhoo! Wish me luck! I'm going to need it lol.

<3 Danielle


  1. Thats a tough one...But I think you're right, you have to go. You know it's the right thing for you. You'll love it. It won't be easy...but it'll be worth it. I think you and Derek (from whst i know) seem very strong and hes a gem for not holding you back. two people, working together towards one goal is always positive. go for it I say!!

  2. Oh that is so tough. I say go, you have his support and that means a lot.

  3. Go! My mom maintained a long distance relationship for 4 years, this year will go by in a blur with you working lots and bettering yourself for your child and yourself. Utilize skype and emails, letters and calls to stay connected. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and all's a new adventure!

  4. Aww thanks guys!! I really appreciate the response!

    You guys have helped me soooo much you have no idea! <3 Thank you so much!

    I agree that's why they made skype might as well utilize it :)

  5. I keep telling myself to TRUST IN LOVE!
    Our minds complicate things.
    I'm in a distance relationship, too. Lately, it's been hard. He's in Paris, I'm in LA. But I'm flying there for X-Mas to work things out and see what happens.

    I'll keep you updated when I return! :]