Sunday, August 15, 2010

Haul-American Eagle, Shoppers Drugmart, Shoes!!!!

Alright so I decided to go finally get myself some jeans! I've been putting it off for a while now for the obvious reason...Jean shopping isn't fun when you have a few added curves. Oh the horror lol. Now to get you all familiar with this beautiful body of mine (insert sarcasm here!) my measurements are 37-34-39 depending some days they fluctuate but as of today this is what they are! So I've got a boxy figure, my belly area is as wide as my hip are so I look like a walking rectangle with a slight curve at the rib/natural waist area. Ugh I can't even believe I have told you all the measurements -_- be nice! lol 

You all have seen my lovely curves in a few OOTD so if your having a hard time picturing the shape take a look at one of those videos! Now your wondering well what sizes do you typically wear in pants? Well depends! Pants are an issue for me, shorts and shirts aren't a problem but for some reason pants are! Especially jeans! I wear a size 30 or 9/10 depending on the store. 

I never used to be this wide so keep in mind I'm still getting used to it -_- hopefully not for long! I have been running but recently hurt my hip somehow so I'm trying to let that heal hopefully it will hurry it up because I was really liking the Couch to 5k!!! Don't worry I've been stretching! 

Oh wow really off topic! Anyhow I found the perfect jeans!!! I went into American Eagle and tried a few on, the sales girl was sooo helpful she was like "I know exactly what jeans you'd like!" and she was soooo right! Usually I find sales people to be very pushy but she was pretty helpful! My first American Eagle experience was pleasant! 

The jeans I purchased were the AE-Artist/Muse Regular in a Dark wash. Love them! I even had to buy 2, they were so amazing. They were on sale for $34.95. Originally $39.95. Not bad I think. 

As for the shoes! Oh my word I have never seen sexier shoes in my life! haha these will be my going out shoes for the year! I don't care if they don't match I'm going to wear the heck out of them! You might think they are "stripperish" as Derek calls them but they make me feel hot!