Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Hey There!

Just thought I'd update you all :)

I decided to take a break and head home to my Grandparents place for a bit of a vacation. Times have been a bit rocky for me and finding steady work hasn't been easy. Hoping after the Holidays and a clear head will help. Plus I missed my family! Haven't been home since the Summer I think. For me that is way too long!!

Thank goodness I have Derek and you guys all to keep my mind off things! Don't worry its not the end of the world! If things were easy and just handed to us all the time we wouldn't be the people we are today. Well actually I take that back I'd be happy if things were just handed to me on a silver platter and easy as pie lol. But what can you do! As much as I would like to go to school, its just not going to happen right away (my choice). I've accepted that. I will make it happen though! Just need to focus on the little things right now. Soon enough though things will fall into place. Just taking things one step at a time :).

I didn't consider going to Grandma's place for two weeks would involve slow internet, and I should of remembered that coming here means no cell service!

Just a re-cap Grandma & Grandpa live in the middle of no where Saskatchewan. Don't ask why they live in the middle of no where my Grandma is no longer a fan of small town life but she said she won't move until she wins the lottery. She is convinced she will one day :P. Last but not least my Grandparents brought me up and they aren't as old as your regular Grandparents. Older but not retired. Love them to pieces!!

Anyways now that I'm here I have filmed 3 videos, the fourth one was a fail and I so badly want to upload!!! It kills me! However the internet keeps dropping and this mini laptop that my sister loves so dearly isn't the best. I really really wish my old lap top worked! -_- Well maybe one day I will have a Mac book pro!

Any how. I will continue to try uploading, and recording. Wish me luck! I most certainly will need it!

Love you all!


  1. Sorry to hear things have been hard. You are so amazingly talented that I know things will work out for you eventually. Its kind of cheesy, but I am a big fan of the saying 'this too shall pass' (its even tattooed on my wrist). Things will eventually get better and you will forget that they were even bad to begin with.
    Hope you have a relaxing time with your family.

  2. Good luck hun! Have a great time with your family and just try to keep your mind off of the stresses.

  3. Enjoy your time with the people that are the most important. When things are tough just remember that nothing in life ever stays the same. Merry Christmas!