Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Coastal Scents 88 Metal Mania Palette Review

Hey Darlings

So after testing out this palette for quite some time I have finally come around to doing a review for you all. Hope you all enjoy:)


  • Large color selection
  • Inexpensive
  • Accessible (Various companies carry palettes like this or similar)
  • Pigmented when used with a base
  • Doesn't stain (some colors like reds can stain the skin, haven't noticed any staining with this palette)
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  • Some shadows are chalky
  • Lots of fall out
  • To get full pigmentation you need to use a base
  • Palette is easy to break, quality isn't quite there so travel is out of the question with this palette

Final Thoughts
Just like I state in the video I think for users who are just getting into makeup and maybe don't have a whole lot of shadows to work with this palette would be a nice addition. Personally I enjoy having it a round and like the metallic finish this palette offers which is definietly not something I have alot of in my collection. I don't reach for it often enough but do find for special occasions or going out this palette is a great asset. Out of all the palettes coastal scents offers however I have to say this isn't the one I'd purchase if given the choice of choosing one palette however, I feel there isn't enough variation of finishes to just have this paticular palette but it is nice to have on hand. You really can't beat the price either.

Would I repurchase?
If I could go back knowing what I know now about this palette would I repurchase? For me personally yes, I find just using a NYX jumbo pencil in either milk or black bean works perfect and aslong as I apply my foundation after doing my eyes or just be really careful. I do like the way the shadows look. If your into smokey eyes, or shimmery/metallic finishes then this is a nice palette to have on hand. Even though there is some flaws I still enjoy it and could see myself repurchasing, I doubt that I would need to though, I'm sure this palette will last me quite some time.

Hope this review was helpful :) For pictures and more information please visit:

Love Ya

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  1. Hello which coastal palette do you recommend? thanks I soo love your make up tutorials they're very easy to follow and you're gorgeous! :)