Monday, November 22, 2010

My Perfect Imperfections

This was an interesting tag that I just had to do. I also strongly recommend you all do it too! All you have to do is list 3 things you don't like about yourself, and 3 things you love about yourself. Now this is such a great way to get to know someone, and help relate as I'm sure a lot of us share the same insecurities. It also makes you stop and think about things you truly are thankful for. Honestly its hard to look at ourselves unless of course you are just super happy with yourself than your darn lucky haha. But for most of us, we tend to dwell on the little things. This comes from experience lol let me tell you, so stopping and taking the time to actually think about things you really do appreciate about yourself is a great self esteem excersise. I encourage all of you to try it!

Now enough with the sappy stuff and lets get to watching:

Also as I stated in the video I would include a few photos:

Here is one the day after my hair was fixed after it fell out. It was an attrocious green brown since the bright orange wasn't fitting for work, my hair dresser put a wash out color or semi permanent on top which this is all I could do with it since it was destroyed. This is why you do no play with bleach! Go to a salon! lol

The color I was trying to bleach out was red. I loved it but so badly wanted blonde hair lol and just really was tired of coloring it every two weeks with Manic Panic to keep it from looking orange. And even in the one  photo the color looks very washed out.

P.S. I'm wearing a shirt lol you just can't see it. And bad self taking photo! 

And finally the following are pictures when I finally went platinum blonde lol I realize now that it wasn't worth all the effort. I am naturally a dark ashy dirty blonde and next time will go more natural with high lights if that ever happens. 

 So that's just explaining the whole hair ordeal I was mentioning in the video. Also I had actual extensions not the clip ins but they were horrendous and would never ever recommend anyone doing so, sew ins, or clip ins is as far as I'll ever go again.I get bored with my hair really easily so its hard for me to just stick to one look. 

Also I stated I have weight issues. I have always been really self conscious about my weight, I've been struggling with that for quite sometime, and don't feel like I'm massive, or anything but would like to be more fit. I walk everywhere and transit everywhere since I don't drive, I eat relatively healthy (carbs are my weakness) so its just a matter of self control and finding a balance. I'll get there someday! Anyways here's a few photo's of me when I was pretty ok with my weight. Actually I was very happy lol..

Anywhooo! That is a little hair history trust me that's just a tiny bit of the hair styles and colors I've had. :P

Tell me what your 3 favorite things are about yourself, and 3 things you could live without down below or leave a video response! <3

Also a tutorial for the look in the video will be up tomorrow! 



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